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  1. Seemed Like A Good Idea (V2)
    Vocals: Kim Noble
    Music/Lyrics: Steffen Offermann & Kim Noble
    Tim Ryall on guitars and bass, Alex Zulaika on drums.
  2. The Long Road
    Music: Steffen Offermann
    Alina Yudaeva on guitar, Raul Rodriguez on drums.
  3. I Blew My Lover A Kiss
    Vocals: Todd Swain
    Music/Lyrics: Steffen Offermann & Todd Swain
    Andreas Diewald doubled the synth accordion with a real one, Paul D. May replaced the synth guitars, Mara Shea contributed a nice fiddle track, and Philippe Pansard added the bass.
  4. Alive
    Vocals: George Williams
    Music/Lyrics: Steffen Offermann/Andrew Furlong
    Glam Rock
    Till Kuhn on guitars, Alex Zulaika on drums, Anand Gupta on bass.
  5. 100 Degrees
    Vocals: Kim Noble
    Music/Lyrics: Steffen Offermann & Kim Noble
    Just Kim and myself.
  6. Wooden Sam
    Vocals: Mike Basil
    Music/Lyrics: Steffen Offermann/John Scunziano
    Anand Gupta on bass, Mick Lovering (R.I.P.) on lead guitar, Todd Vierra on drums.
  7. Then We'll Know
    Vocals: Kim Noble
    Music/Lyrics: Steffen Offermann & Kim Noble
    Piergiorgio Lucidi on guitar, Rott Gold on bass, Tom Corea on drums.
  8. Hourglass
    Vocals: George Schiessl
    Music/Lyrics: Steffen Offermann/Mike Mantecon
    George Schiessl on bass, "Tofu Treblesix" on guitars, Chris Bouchard on drums.
  9. Part Of Home
    Vocals: Kim Noble
    Music/Lyrics: Steffen Offermann/James Tanner
    Gaetano Fontanazza on guitar, Jan Kopcak on sax, Jean-Lui Toudou on bass, Chris Bouchard on drums.
  10. By Lake And By Lee
    Vocals: Robyn McKenzie
    Music/Lyrics: Steffen Offermann/Donne Devine
    Robyn McKenzie on violin, Billy Playle on guitar and spoons, Vincent Pompe van Meerdevoort on bodhran.
  11. It Better Be Good
    Vocals: Kim Noble
    Music/Lyrics: Steffen Offermann & Kim Noble
    Liam Sutherland on guitar, Erwin van Wieringen on sax, J.P. Taboga on drums, Dave Carta on bass.
  12. Beach Bum
    Vocals: Calvin Rainwater
    Music/Lyrics: Steffen Offermann & Calvin Rainwater
    Guitars: Calvin Rainwater, Dave Patterson, Stefan Schaden; Bass: Paul Lennon; Drums: Raul Rodriguez.